What is Sun Power Yoga?

Sun Power yoga is soundly based in the ancient yoga scriptures, but draws on different traditions to produce a yoga which is accessible to all, being a blend of flowing movement sequences, strength work, stretching and opening, and breathing techniques.

A typical Sun Power class starts with relaxation and attention to the breath. We try to leave behind all our 'outside' preoccupations, and bring ourselves into the present, and thus to a deeper level of concentration. After warming up the spine and major joints, we perform Surya Namaskar - Salute to the Sun. This is a flowing sequence of postures which develops strength, flexibility in the spine and breath co-ordination. After three or four sessions the sequence will really start to flow, and you will be able to work on the co-ordination of the breath with the movement until the sequence becomes a moving meditation.

Standing postures follow - poses which open the hips and chest and develop balancing skills. We even have a go at balancing on the hands - not as hard as it sounds!

We then move to seated, kneeling, prone and supine poses. These focus on developing rotational mobility in the spine, opening the hip joints and stretching the hamstrings (back of the thighs). Yoga is all about removing blockages, allowing energy to move freely around the body, so we spend some time in each pose to gently persuade the body to open up.

We usually find time for inversions towards the end of the class - either, shoulder or head stands, which can easily be modified for anyone with conditions which make these poses inadvisable. All poses in a Sunpower class can be adapted for different levels of experience, from beginners to those with years of experience. My most important teaching instruction is that you listen to your body, and never force or strain.

We finish the class with a short relaxation, and hopefully go on our ways refreshed and ready to face the outside world fitter in body and serener of mind.



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